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Package - 3 kilos
$140 dollars


BETONFIX is an acrylic one-component water-based varnish. It creates an almost unperceivable layer when applied to concrete; it doesn’t change the color of concrete and provides full dust protection. It is easy to apply with a sponge or a paint-roller. Odor-free. Provides great dust protection. Perfect for areas with high pedestrian activity. No need to use detergents for cleaning purposes. Water only needed to dissolve and instrument cleaning. 12 months warranty.
Cycles of application:
Product is ready to use.
Use 1 or 2 layers when applying to the walls; from 3 to 6 layers when applying to the floor. Use brush, foam-rubber paint-roller with rounded edges or foam-rubber sponge.
Storage temperature: 0 to +30 degrees C.
To be applied to surface at temperatures from +5 to +40 degrees C.
Short description (for 20 degrees C and 70% relative humidity)
Material usage (per layer) – 150-200 grams per square meter
Appearance and decorative effect – transparent with light gloss.
Instrument cleaning: rinse with water.
Drying time: 1-2 hours.
Complete drying time: 48 hours.
Полное высыхание 48 часов
Warranty period: 1 year
NOT frost-durable, DO NOT freeze!

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