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Certificates of conformity:
Package - 7 kilos:
$50 dollars


FONPRIMER decreases the absorbing capability of the coated surface, thus minimizing the use of the decorative material. Can be used as a base layer for the majority of decorative coatings. The desirable effect is achieved after single application.
High coverage ability. Decreases absorbing capability of base layer. Blocks base layer’s color. Can be used for all types of base layers.
Warranty and storage conditions
Storage temperature: +5 degrees C - +35 degrees C
Application temperature: +5 degrees C - +35 degrees C
Storage period in closed original package up to 12 months.
Technical information
Usage: 0.15 – 0.20 kilos per square meter (depends on hygroscopicity/porosity of the base)
Density: 1.5 kilos per liter +/- 0.02
Drying time: 30 minutes
Complete drying time: 12 to 24 hours depending on environment
Dilution: Doesn’t need to be diluted.

Used with: