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Short description
Marmorino is an acrylic binding- and white marble powder-based decorative cover.
Usage amount
~1.5 kilos / 1 square meters (1 thick layer or 2 thin layers)

Package - 15 kilos:

$110 dollars

Package - 25 kilos:

$180 dollars

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Marmorino decorative plaster is a thick-layered material. It contains of marble sand and acrylic bindings. Marmorino-based structure is highly plastic, which lets you use this material applying different techniques.

The thickness of the decorative plaster layer can vary from 2 to 25 cm. After finishing, the Marmorino-applied surface can have different colors and textures depending on the application technique.

1. Acrylic. The acrylic gums are used as a binding component for such plasters.
2. Mineral. Acrylic gums and limestone are the base components of such plasters. They are considered to be the best nowadays.
3. Silicon-based. This type of material is most modern among others used primarily for exterior decoration.

You can track the history of Marmorino if you look deep enough into the past. Its roots can be found in XVI century. Modern decorative techniques and materials can retranslate the appearances of that time.

Based on archeological excavations’ results one can state that Marmorino’s roots grow even deeper – to ancient, tribal times. Scientists claim most of the items made from this material have its origin in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. Such items as brick and plaster have appeared simultaneously with decorative plaster. At these times the heated and boiled homogenous mixture of water and limestone was used to manufacture Marmorino. After preparation the plaster was applied to the decorated object.

The Mesopotamian practices have been quickly picked up by Egyptian artisans, who worked on increasing the quality of the material. Even today some walls with ancient Marmorino application can be found and seen by the public. Therefore, one can state that not only Marmorino is appropriate for decoration, but also protects interiors of the walls from unwanted atmospheric influence and temperatures.

You can enjoy the beauty of Moscow and St. Petersburg palaces, Venetian buildings. This beauty has been created by the artisans of earlier centuries. These buildings are still in perfect condition, no additional need for renovation exists, which saves money.

Marmorino application technique was supposed to protect from unwanted effects. Only years later people started using this plaster for interior improvement and decoration.

Marmorino is humankind’s ancient invention with a long history of mural decoration.