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Perlato Oro

Short Description
~0.1 kilo per 1 square meter (application in 1 layer)

Package - 3 kilos:

$170 dollars

Usually used with:

Perlato Oro – glazing water-based varnish with golden effect – is a mural varnish used as a finishing layer for Venetian and decorative plasters. Perlato Oro can also be used as a stand-alone material for decoration of plaster-covered walls, wallpapers, moldings. Wall niches and columns will have an effect of noble golden shimmering with this material.

Only eco-friendly components are used to manufacture this material: wooden and acrylic resin, pearl fillings (same as in beauty industry). These characteristics allow to use this varnish for different purposes.

This material is highly moisture-proof while vapor-permeable, anti-fungus, increases firmness of the surface, doesn’t have strong smell, non-flammable.

Perlato Oro is perfect for any interior decoration style. Different ways of its application (sponge, paint-roll, spatula, trowel, airbrush, brush) create unique glamour and underline your and whole interiors creative intentions.