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травертино воск
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Travertino Vax

Travertino Vax is a tinting wax cover. It creates the gradient shades with aquarelle effect on the surface of textured plaster. This material is tinted with water-based tints. Using Travertino Vax you can achieve the following effects: aged ancient walls, patina, and natural stone imitation. Travertino Vax is applied in large quantities with a wide brush on dry surface of the plaster, after that it’s pressed into surface with a sponge in order to create gradient shades. Tint according to your project with water-based tints.
Application cycles
Do not dilute: product is ready to use. The product is applied with a foam-rubber sponge. Color: colorless.
Storage temperature: from 0 C to +30 C. Apply at temperatures from 5 C to +40 C.
The main characteristics are given for 20 C and 70% of relative humidity.
Theoretical usage (1 layer application): 15-30 square meters per 3 kilos.
Appearance: transparent
Color: colorless
For internal and external use
Clean instrument
Apply with a foam-rubber sponge
Drying time: 2-3 hours
Complete drying time: 24 hours
Inflammation temperature: 40 C
Warrant period: 1 year

Package - 3 kilos:

$70 dollars

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